Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts Audio guide APP

ART PROJECT IN INUJIMA Audio Guide App for smartphone

Please download the museum’s free audio guide application from your application store .

(This App is inactive.)

How to use the voice guidance app

1.Language Choice.

Language Choice
After downloading the application, proceed to the choice of language for the audio guide. Select English.

2.Register your profile.

Register your profile

Profile input screen is shown next.
Please input your gender, age and country.

It is possible to change your profile settings later in the menu (upper left corner of the screen).

3.Download the audio data.

Download the audio data

After the profile input, please download the audio guide data.

You need to download the data only once. When the exhibitioncontent changes, you will be informed about the application update.

To start the download, tap on the “download” button in the lower part of the screen. (Note that download can take some time, so please wait a moment.)

4.Allow the app to use GPS.

Allow the app to use GPS
Tap the “Allow” button to permit the app to access your location.

5.Please check-in at the audio guide at the museum reception desk.

Please check-in at the audio guide at the museum reception desk
Tap “OK” to start using the application. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.

6.How to activate Bluetooth.

How to activate Bluetooth
Swipe the screen from the top to the bottom and tap on the Bluetooth button.

Swipe the screen from the bottom to the top and tap on the Bluetooth button.

7.List of museum exhibits.

List of museum exhibits

Tap on the item you'd like to listen to.
The nearest exhibition item will shine brightly on the screen.

8.Audio guidance.

Work details and sound guidance

The play & stop button is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
Stream of subtitles of the voice data runs above the bar.